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CompSci 1st year: book list?

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    Accepted my UofG offer for CompSci a while back and was wondering if anyone has a book list from previous years?

    I was at the applicant day last week and heard you get one at the start of each year. It would be great to have a look at some stuff throughout summer if there's anything like this floating about!

    Depending on what courses you take, CS has two routes: CS1P/CS1Q or CS1PX/CS1S. 1P/1Q is for students with some programming experience, and the textbook is free online:


    I'm not sure on the 1PX one, I don't think there even is one.

    For CS1Q they ask for a £50 textbook which honestly is not required at all. Everyone I've spoken to about it including myself think it's a waste of money.

    Feel free to hit me up with any other questions about first year CS, as I'm currently taking it
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    I've dabbled in some python before and plan on having a look at it through summer again, but I'd prefer to go down the 1PX route as I may have picked up some bad habits.

    Thanks so much for the info though, I really appreciate it! It'll give me something to look into.

    And I think I'll definitely take you up on that offer haha, cheers.

    If you have some experience with python I would highly suggest going into 1P instead, you will most likely get very bored in 1PX otherwise despite 1PX being offered, 1P isn't very hard.

    You can change from 1PX to 1P and vice versa in the first couple of weeks anyway though, which is what I did along with half the class.

    I could upload the lecture slides to dropbox if you'd like to browse over the summer.
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