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Boyfriend doesn't like texting/ringing much?

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    So my relationship is really good atm, we've been together for 6 months. He treats me incredibly well every time we're together and I am confident in the relationship. I normally see him for 2/3 days a week, when we have a lovely time, doing different activities and going out and stuff.

    However, I feel a bit insecure, even though I know I shouldn't, because he doesn't normally text/ring when we don't see each other. He says it's because he's 30, living in his own house, been single for about 5 years before me, and just isn't used to having someone around all the time, which I totally get.

    With my exboyfriend, we used to argue loads because I wanted him to text me every day, every couple of hours, even when he was out with friends, which I realise now is ridiculous!

    I don't feel the need to talk to my boyfriend every day, but it would be nice if he just wanted to send a text or ring me to say how I'm doing every couple of days. I haven't I haven't spoken to him since I saw him Thursday morning. However, I am enjoying that in this relationship, I don't need to speak to him every day, it makes it nicer when we see each other and a bit less claustrophobic.

    Any hints/tips/ideas or advice for me to chill?


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Any hints/tips/ideas or advice for me to chill?
    1. spend time with other people who's company you really enjoy so that you are thinking of him less - I mean what do you think he's doing when he's not with you? exactly that!

    2. get high.

    Don't have the paranoia/insecurity. I know it's easier said than done, especially when your the kinda person who needs to know the other person is okay/talk to them once in a while. But like I said don't let it get to you loads, its gonna start ruining the relationship, unknowingly. Try to take your mind off it by engaging in other activities? and just let yourself trust him (unless you have a reason not to) and he'd probably adjust more to it as time goes by. I'm no expert in this but I hope i helped ish?

    But good luck to you both x

    Why do people like texting to begin with? I find it so mundane, if you want to talk call me and we'll arrange a time, if you've got dank memes do it but keep your texting short.

    It sounds like you guys may need to talk it out. I don't think a stranger can tell you when its appropriate to talk to your bf. Every relationship is different and people are different.

    Tell him that you feel insecure and tell him exactly what your wants and needs are. If you can't, thats a problem. You should be able to be open to each other.

    If you're wants and needs are very different, it may not be able to work out in the long run because how long are you or him willing to compromise your wants and needs for each other?

    If he understands, establish a general rule maybe that you guys have. Perhaps, you both must text each other at least once a day, to check up on each other. Take it in turns each day, maybe?

    I hope that helps, but don't worry! Its normal to feel insecure sometimes
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Updated: April 2, 2016
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