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what's your bedtime routine? ;-)

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    -on tsr
    -then realised im tired
    -get some comfy clothes on
    -get into bed and switch off the light
    -after about 10 mins on staring at the ceiling i realise i need to brush my teeth
    -i brush my teeth and then i feel thirtsty (am i the only one who feels thirsty after brushing?)
    -then i go to the kitchen, get a drink
    -then i see some food so i begin to eat
    -get into bed again and then realise i need to brush again

    and the whole cycle continues again and again

    so i never get sleep

    im jk, yh i jus sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow

    (Original post by a gentleman)
    in the summer i will meet you, go to hyde park, eat ice cream and deliver your dumplings.
    : Oooooooo

    (Original post by ihatePE)
    I'm crying omfg PRSOM Gif QUEEN!!!!!!!

    -I usually notice it's already 11pm and have done no homework or revision
    -Revise/ do homework until 3am
    -Brush my teeth
    -Have a shower
    -Eat something
    -Brush my teeth again because I ate something
    -Check my phone...reply to any unread messages like a crazy person at 4 am
    -Walk around the house aimlessly for like 5 minutes for some reason
    -Decide to go to bed

    (Original post by ivy.98)
    : Oooooooo
    I will bring Augustus as well.

    My routine begins when I notice it is approaching 11pm. I stop whatever I'm doing, usually by 10.45pm, use the bathroom for whatever needs doing (i.e. brushing teeth, oogling my beautiful face in the mirror) and head downstairs to fill up a water bottle in case I need it in the night. Then I make sure there's nothing left that needs washing or throwing out, at which point, if there isn't, I'll climb through a portal to the netherworld, slay a few Enderdragons and climb into my coffin to sleep in the seventh circle of Hell. At which point I sleep terribly, but that's not unusual.

    The only consistent part is the part where I end up asleep at some point.

    Lay in bed and play on my phone for like two hours then sleep

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Updated: April 3, 2016
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