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University is making me stressed and depressed

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    When I began Uni back in September I had all the normal worries, but making new friends has never been an issue for me, and i have always been a very sociable person so i wasn't that concerned that I was moving to a city where i knew nobody. I am now starting my third term and have hated just about every minute that i have spent there, i have no real friends, i am just about the only male in my seminar group and find it very difficult to start conversation with the groups of females who already have their cliques. As for my flatmates in halls, two of them never leave their rooms and i'm moving in with the other two next year, but i don't find them interesting or funny to be around and every conversation feels forced and a struggle so i find it's easier just to sit in my room by myself. Now the only time i go out is to go for a run or to the gym, but this is always by myself.
    The only thing i can ever look forward to is coming back home and seeing my friends and family here, but the stress of being so isolated means that now every time i come back home i get something called leisure sickness (something normally only seen in workaholics).
    I'm now sitting on my bed just about to get into the car to head back to uni and i'm in floods of tears desperately trying to delay just so that i can spend another half an hour at home.
    Please can anyone who's been in a similar position offer guidance on what they did, because at the minute i see no way out

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    Do you like the course you're on or uni? If you can get to the end of this year then you could be able to transfer to another uni, I'd guess you have to apply for that pretty soon though- people over in the uni forums can help you more with that though. If not, you could drop out now and apply to start again somewhere new in September, you should have a 'spare' year of student finance so that shouldn't e a problem. If recommend seeing your uni wellbeing/support services ASAP though if you haven't already and talk through your best course d action with them, they'll know what you can and can't do and can do a lot to help too even if it does seem a bit late for this year. Your GP in the longer run would also be a very good person to see. Hope things improve for you a bit soon!

    Edit: reply below is good too, meant to suggest that!
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    Maybe try and find friends through other places not just uni? Join a society maybe or a volunteer job?
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    Thanks for the advice, I do really like the lecturers and the course i am doing and i feel i'm too far in (especially financially) to give up or change now, so i think i will go and see the wellbeing and support services, hopefully that will help, thanks again!
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    (Original post by Tsrsarah)
    Maybe try and find friends through other places not just uni? Join a society maybe or a volunteer job?
    I've looked into societies but not many of them appeal to me, i also feel i'm too far into this year to join one, instead i'm going to look at volunteering for a local charity hopefully this will get me the connections with others that i'm so desperately looking for, thanks for your help! x
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Updated: April 4, 2016
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