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    I've got a sheet to do and I'm wondering if anyone else has done it before.
    I) how does Robert Cormier present the character of Larry Lasalle in this extract?
    Larry LaSalle was everywhere in the centre, showing how strips of leather could be made into key chains, old wine jugs into lamps, lumps of clay into ashtrays. He tamed the notorious schoolyard bully, Butch Bartoneau, convincing him that he could sing, coaching him patiently day after day, until Butch’s version of ‘The Dying Cowboy’ brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the Wreck Centre’s first musical production, Autumn Leaves.‘But he still beats up kids in the schoolyard,’ Joey LeBlanc observed.Under Larry LaSalle’s guidance, Edna Beauchene, tall and gawky and shy, became the hit of the show, dressed like a bum and dancing an intricate routine with ash-cans, winning applause like a Broadway star.‘You are all stars,’ Larry LaSalle always told us.Rumours told us that Larry LaSalle had also been a star, performing in night-clubs in New York and Chicago. Someone brought in a faded newspaper clipping, showing him in a tuxedo, standing beside a night-club placard that read ‘Starring Larry LaSalle.’ We knew little about him, however, and he discouraged questions. We knew that he was born in Frenchtown and his family left to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Larry had taken dance lessons at Madame Toussaint’s studio downtown as a boy and had won first prize in an amateur contest at Monument City Hall when he was nine or ten.Why did he turn his back on show business and return to Frenchtown?No one dared to ask him although there were dark hints that he had ‘gotten into trouble’ in New York City, a rumour Joey LeBlanc delighted in repeating, with raised eyebrows and a knowing look.Dazzled by his talent and his energy, none of us dwelt on the rumours. In fact, the air of mystery that surrounded him added to his glamour. He was our champion and we were happy to be in his presence.
    ii) how does Robert Cormier present the character of Nicole in his novel?
    iii) "a story of revenge" to what extent do you agree with this description of heroes?

    You need to learn the meaning of the word Paragraph.
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