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art (or any) uni ; is it worth it? please help ):

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    I just had what i hoped would have been a light hearted chat with my parents but they got very defensive so i kinda backed out the room saying yup a lot and trying to act casual and not upset.

    They want me to go to art uni. I want to go to art uni, but i ant to go to a art uni which i love and not go because its the next step in education, i k that art uni would provide me with a degree, and help me build up a portfolio, but im quite motivated and would go on cheaper courses and work free lance instead and think i could stil improve my work without uni.

    They told me that if i don't go to uni they don't know how ill afford to work and keep arting, plus they say i wont be able to get a job in the police force (which is a kinda back up interest for me) if i don't go to art uni. they say that even if im freelance its really important i have a degree or people wont higher me, but surely at the end of the day its the quality of work?

    any help?

    am i nuts?

    I'm assuming you are in year 12 or doing GCSEs at the moment? You could be an outsider artist (an artist that didn't go to university) and the work is most important. However having a university degree is a big step in validating your work which means that galleries and collectors will take you more seriously - especially at the start of your career. Depending on where you go, the university's name can also open a lot of doors for you.

    Doing an art degree will help you find yourself as an artist, and most major artists will have done one. I'd thoroughly advise that you do an art foundation as the course only lasts one year (so not too much commitment), it will give you a chance to find out more about what it is you want to do, improve your portfolio and it will give you a better shot at getting into the university that you want to.

    save 27k and spend it on paints and canvases

    You're being fairly silly IMO. Art itself is one of the least reliable fields you can go into and there are plenty, PLENTY, of art graduates who's work never see the light of day. For such a competitive, and volatile field you'll want to maximise your chances as much as possible - so yes, I'm afraid in this case the prestige and rigour of the university will influence your direction. It's fair enough you think you'll be able to freelance and go to a cheaper course or have the police as your backup - but you kind of need to start thinking realistically.
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Updated: April 3, 2016
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