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Dissertation: how to analyse my data/ use SPSS????

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    I'm so lost and confused and I have no help or support from my tutor who doesn't even reply to emails...

    I've collected quantitative data and got it all in SPSS but I'm confused as to what tests I should be using to discuss my data

    I'm looking at consumer attitudes towards advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and comparing them.

    So I looked at five variables (such as entertainment and pleasure) and asked respondents if they agreed with the various statement representing each variable. The same questions were then asked in terms of advertisements on Twitter and the Instagram.

    Can anyone help?

    If your tutor isn't responding to emails, I'd show up at their office either during office hours or after sending an email to say "I'm coming to see you". If there's no one there, I'd email them again with all the previous emails they didn't respond to and cc in the head of your year, your class/ school rep and the class administrator. Either that or email your head of year directly saying something like "I just wanted to check Prof So-and-So was okay. I've sent x number of emails and I haven't had a response. I went during office hours and they weren't there. I haven't heard from them at all in a while and I wanted to make sure they were okay because they are my supervisor and I really desperately need some help analysing my data for my dissertation."

    As for your data, I'm not really sure what your research question is and I've never analysed a questionnaire, but if you're comparing each social media to the others I'm sure that should be simple enough to figure out how to do with some googling.

    Off the top of my head, If you used Likert scales (I think you did? strongly agree - strongly disagree?) I'm sure you could add up the participants scores for your 5 areas of interest for each social media and get a mean score for each, then you'd just need to compare those means. If your data is normally distributed (I use R so I'm not 100% up on SPSS, I don't know what functions you have available to do this) and then I guess you'd just use a one way ANOVA to compare the 3 groups with each other.

    Get on at your supervisor though. This is their job and your grade depends on them doing it right.

    I'm not sure how stringent you need to be for your undergraduate dissertation, but are the statements you used validated at all? So, are you using someone else's tool, or did you create the statements yourself? I'm not sure if this is something they look for at undergraduate research, but if it is your own tool, you need to ensure that it is reliable and valid.

    As to your supervisor, as Jenna said, harass them and contact more senior people. Unless they are ill or otherwise indisposed for a genuine reason then it is not acceptable for them to not be supporting you 100%. If they are genuinely unavailable then ask for a temporary supervisor, your education and grades should not suffer due to other people's circumstances.

    You can always go ask the stats lecturers or see if there is any other stats help available. Without knowing your question and seeing your data, it's hard to tell, but it doesn't sound overly complex.
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    Thank you for the replies, unfortunately still nothing from my supervisor, her office hours don't really suit my timetable plus shes hardly there because she now only works part time. I've emailed the module leader who did get her to reply to my last email, but then it just happened again. I'm not sure what good would come out of me going to see somebody at this late stage, it's due next week and if it's wrong I don't think there much turning it around. I've followed structure from previous dissertations given as examples by my uni and various textbooks, just hoping it will be enough.

    As for the data, I think I will compare means for each variable, and then compare each different channel. I just feel like I don't have much to talk about, probably my fault for not including some qualitative data questions too, but I'm hoping linking it back to previous research done will help.
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Updated: April 11, 2016
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