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Completely missed period on the pill? Missed one pill?

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    Hi there, I'm not sure if I should be really worried or if I'm overthinking this slightly.

    I've been on the contraceptive pill now for about 3 years. Of course over the years I have missed the odd few but it's so rare for me, however I missed one pill on Tuesday (22nd March), continued to take the rest, and then had sex on the Sunday and again on the Monday (27th and 28th respectively - he finished inside of me both times) and I then finished my last pill in the pack on Monday, due to start my period on the Thursday (31st). It still hasn't come and obviously I begin the pill again tomorrow so there is no sign of it coming. I have never missed a period on my pill before. It is worth mentioning that I have been stressed slightly but I've been stressed before and it has never made me miss a period.

    Without sounding stupid, is it possible that I could actually be pregnant in such a short time-frame and from missing one pill? I wanted to do a test, but I've heard you're supposed to wait 14 days from possible conception before you get a reliable result, meaning I should take one this weekend.

    It's unlikely! It's most likely to be stress-related. I experienced an almost identical situation and I got my period the following month Even with missing one pill, the chances of pregnancy are extremely slim so I shouldn't worry. If you miss another period it would be a good idea to do a test just to make sure!

    Don't panic! xx

    The instructions probably say that you should have taken two pills having missed one, ahem, but yes, it's unlikely that you're pregnant.

    It's also unlikely that you'll be satisfied with waiting a month, so get a supermarket own-brand test and use it as instructed however many days after the sex...

    it's unlikely

    i dont get any periods on progesterone only methods
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Updated: April 4, 2016
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