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Sikhs: Would you marry a Muslim?

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Sorry Anonymous, but being a Muslim, an practising Muslim, I find it a problem to marry a Sikh. My parents would even approve so?
    I respect your view. But why though?
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    I bumped into her today but was too nervous to say anything.

    (Original post by Jasveer99)
    we can not subscribe our child to any one religion. We can show our children through our prayers, by sharing our way of praying with them, and by sharing our traditions with them - our way of life. And eventually they might make a choice to follow one or the other, or they may not. The most important thing is that we instil values in our children and a love of God. And when the time is right, they will choose to be a practicer of the faith that makes them happy. I couldn't be ashamed of my child if they turned to Islam, as this is the religion of my husband (prospectively) whom I love - and Islam makes him a good man, therefore, if my child chooses this path they have the capability of being a beautiful human. And equally, He wouldn't be ashamed if our child chose Sikhism, as this is the religion which instilled the values that his (prospective) wife has, who he loves for her characteristics. And therefore, if our child chose this path, they would lead a good life. This would be our hopes from the discussions we have. What actually happens - only time will tell.

    I respect that
    And being brought up in both is a food idea.
    Although they are more likely to be brought up in more than one or the other if you lose your family etc they are likley to lose the wider influence of indian/ punjabi cilture and sikhi.
    But like you said time will tell.
    I wish you all the best x and may God look after you , and keep you in his best wishesxx

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