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Can I claim Job Seekers between college courses?

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    Just wondering... Right now I'm currently studying a HNC (full time in college) which ends in June and I will go on to do my HND in September, so from June to September I would technically be "unemployed" with no income at all for living. So would I be able to claim job seekers allowance? It's a very confusing area because although I would be technically unemployed (not in education or working 16 hrs) however i'm still technically signed up to my course. Plz help cos I'm gonna need financial support n JSA would be so handy but unsure if I am 'eligible'


    Yes you may claim JSA if your course actually finishes and you cease to be a student. You can put in your claim as soon as your course ends and youve left. Payment starts 7 days.after a valid claim., but it may take2-4 weeks before you see anything in your account. The payment rates is £57.90 if you are under 25.

    You make your claim online here

    I think you can phone for the form as well,

    You get an appointment, have an interview, make an agreement and thats it
    You do what they say and youve agreed to do or they will sanction you.
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Updated: April 4, 2016
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