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New driver nerves

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    Hi all,

    I passed my driving test in November and since then have been looking for a car. I bought one a few days ago and have been driving around at quiet times. I thought I was doing ok - a bit jolty at times but moving off and not holding anyone up.

    Yesterday I went out for a drive with my boyfriend and managed to overshoot a junction, I managed to make it into the junction but very awkwardly. Then as I got home to the car park behind my flat all the parking spaces were taken so I attempted a 3 point turn in a very tight place and scraped the front of my car on a wall...

    I'm not feeling very nervous about getting on the car again and questioning my ability! I was fine in the learners car but this feels like a massive jump.

    Does anyone else have any experience as a new driver? Does it get better? Am I alone in scraping my car in the first few days??

    I've been driving nearly 2 month now and it does get easier, I scraped my car a little twice and a big scrape on the gate (my drive is small). Don't let it stop you, no one got hurt its not a big deal. I was nervous before every journey and only did local routes until the other day when I did a 60 mile trip including the first time on the motorway and now I feel I can drive anywhere. Basically what I'm saying is just do it. Take someone with you if it helps and just take your time X

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    Like all skills, it takes practice. Get out on some country roads where you can enjoy the drive and take things slow. A bit of "Sunday driving"!

    The more you drive, the better you'll get, and soon enough you'll look back and laugh at how you used to get nervous

    As others have said, it will get better. It really is a case of putting the hours in. I passed just six months ago and feel much less nervous now. I basically feel a little bit more confident than I did at first. I struggled with reverse bay parking for example so I went out one night and practised for an hour in a quiet carpark. I looked like a right loser but now I can dump the car in a parking space with ease and that's made me feel so much better about driving in general. Good luck and all the best with your diving. Beep beep!

    I just did some refresher lessons as I hadn't driven for 4 years and popped my solo driving cherry today by renting a car. I was shaking, and sweating bullets, almost panic attack as I had never driven without my instructor with me and with the knowledge of dual control being there if anything happens. In my lessons I was very smooth and confident and assumed I'd be the same on my own...! I was given one of those horrid smart cars when I had learned in a nice ford. I was driving through Bootle nicely, then got to Seaforth and had a rest in a side road. When I was faced with a dual carriageway I though "EFF this" and tried to avoid it at all costs as I felt fine in town roads. There are no car rental places where I live so I had to go somewhere nearer the city centre. Bit cocky on my part I suppose.

    I'm sure, like in lessons it's a case of experience. Drove again round my local area and feel much better about it, no problems at all. I felt more fluid and confident the more I went on. Agree with everyone else who says you get used to it very quickly
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Updated: April 18, 2016
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