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Medical Laboratory Assistant Advice

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    Hi Guys, so I've recently accepted the job as Medical Laboratory Assistant specializing in Chemical Pathology/Haematology. I found only one interview advice forum on TSR so I figured that I would start my own!

    It all depends on how you're applying, as that will usually influence the interview quite a lot. For example, I already work at the current hospital that I applied for the MLA post at and so most questions were centred around Trust Values, etc. But please see below my tips and tricks!

    - Do not worry, most MLA (medical lab assistant) jobs are entry level, so don't be disheartened if it doesn't state it's entry level because chance is..it is.

    - For most MLA jobs, you do not need to have a degree. I have 10 GCSE's and 1 AS-Level and I was able to get the job!

    - Don't be afraid to be repetitive. I'm pretty sure I said the words "team work" and "communication" about 20 times in the interview because that is a very important factor when working in the labs as there tends to be a high volume of people working in your department, so you need to have pretty decent communication skills in order to get on with everyone.

    - A majority of the time, they do not expect you to know everything about science as don't forget, the point of your job post is to learn on the job. In my current job role (I work in Post-Graduate Medical Education) I didn't know any of the words that were said, but after a while, you begin to pick up the lingo and all the little acronyms that are used and I am pretty sure the same will apply to non-patient facing clinical work.

    - Don't take it personally when you feel like other people in your lab "dump their work" on you. The point of the MLA is to make a Biomedical Scientist's job 10x easier! This could mean, logging information onto the patient database, analyzing some samples for them etc.

    I hope this helps! If you want any more information/tips, I'll do my best to help out!!

    Morgan xo

    Hey rose

    Thank you! I have recently completed a biomedical Sciences degree and I am applying for medical Laboratory Assistant positions. I have arranged a tour with the chief biomedical scientist of the laboratory with the position available on Friday. I am wondering what you suggest I wear and any questions I should ask to show my knowledge of the scanning process and job role?! And to show how enthusiastic I am about getting this position!

    I am hoping that because I was asked to come in for a tour of the laboratory that it is a foot in the door and a chance to show my skills by chatting before I get to interview if I'm lucky enough!

    Congratulations and thank you in advance
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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