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My partner is too social, extrovert, and ...

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    Hi what is your take?
    My wife is fond of too much social appreciation. She behaves in ways that at times I feel are very indecent. She loves to be the center of people's attention, especially men -- which blows me kinda out of control with anger. I barely express this uneasy feeling to her. She is beautiful and I do her too much. I give her the maximum attention and comforts of life and she seems happy with it coz she comes from not-very-well-off background. I so often think she should be grateful for this kind of better equipped life but she is hardly thankful at any point. But I do not know why is she doing such things?????A few days after our marriage, she came across a hooker-kind of boy and she started talking amorously even in my presence and almost said she liked him. I could not digest this and went mad for almost a week. When I told her about her remarks to this girl-seeking boy, she simply said she was unaware about the men's world and that they could be that much dirty to interpret her innocence in ugly ways. I was dumbfound and again messed up inside me.? Recently, we visited a hotel where she, sitting in front of me, openly threw a seductive smiles rather laughter at the man sitting the table behind us. She kept glancing at this other man with constant eye-contact, and then turning to me, she said "You see how that man is staring at me?" I was too angry but let the question past without much response. She later came down the stairs and when we were on the road, she noticed a gang of boys and all of a sudden she made a strange body gesture with extraordinary high-pitched voice while talking to me. Those boys were immediately attentive and I guess that is what she enjoyed.Later, at an other restaurant, she was sitting in a silent corner with me and unusually smiling in strange ways for half an hour. I being a kind of introvert, never pay much attention to my surroundings, but when I looked back to call the waiter for bill, the waiter was sitting at the table at my back and she was actually smiling at him, I discovered at this moment. Then as we were walking in the park, she was calm and okay, while talking to me during the walk. Suddenly she noticed a few guys at a distance and her body posture totally changed and she started speaking in a high attractive and livelier tone. I was visibly uneasy again.A couple of days, back during the course of shopping, we had a tiny quarrel over her dress, and she immediately went out of the shop. I looked around for her and finally found she had gone to a taxi stand with an angry look at her face. I do not know whether she enjoys people's eyes, attention or constant appreciation or what?
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Updated: April 4, 2016
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