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BTEC after A Levels?

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    I am currently in my last year of A Levels but haven't applied for university as my predicted grades are CCC (the same grades I achieved in my AS exams) and I have little work experience. I was originally going to take a gap year in order to gain more work experience and possibly pursue a nursing / occupational therapy degree.

    However, after doing more work experience and researching numerous degrees, I am now thinking that I would like to apply for a business management degree. But the entry requirements for these degrees are higher than what I am going to achieve in the Summer. I have always achieved substantially better grades in coursework than exams and was wondering whether it'd be worth doing a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business for 2 years after I finish college?

    I never really considered BTEC as a option when I finished GCSE's but I have friends who are studying this qualification and receiving offers from Russell group universities. Has anyone else been in this position? Would good universities look down on this as I am essentially going through college twice? Any advice would be much appreciated, Thank you!

    Hey there.

    Although I didn't do it personally -- I dropped out of A levels half way through my AS year, then started a BTEC Extended Diploma in Animal Management the next September -- a lot of people in my form class have done A levels for 1 or 2 years and then chose to do a BTEC Extended Diploma! Universities would not look down on you, although some top-level unis may consider the fact that even though you got, e.g. DDD in your BTEC, you got CCC in your A levels which may make them think you're not suited to the course. However, most would not look down on you; either way, you'd have a chance of going to a much better uni if you got good grades at BTEC than if you stuck with your less-than-good A level grades.

    Also remember that the Russell Group isn't necessarily a solid indicator of quality, and there are many good universities outside of it, such as the University of Lancaster. I would also check whether the unis you're interested in going to accept the BTEC, as even though it is equivalent to A levels, some universities have this idea that they are not worth as much.

    what about foundation years?
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