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Is chemistry AQA A2 harder?

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    i'm rather concerned at the moment as my teachers arent teaching at the correct pace. i'm sorting it out by teaching myself the topics they likely won't but i'm having SOME difficulties understanding it all, not a lot though. i think i may get a C but if the exam was (somehow) only on subjects taught by my teachers i reckon a B. I am going to drop either Biology which i reckon im getting a B on or chemistry depending on which i do worse in. The main factor to my decision is whether A2 chemistry is a lot harder than AS. the reason why i'm missing out on quite a bit of information was just a series of unfortunate events with teachers having to drop out for 2-3 weeks a couple of times for training courses. they're not bad at their job as i understand what they teach me so i'm sure they can teach A2 well but if it's a lot harder than AS i may drop it. i'm sorry if this is a bit long but basically can someone who's done the full AQA chemistry course tell me if A2 is a big step up?
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    actually sorry for wasting people's time. i will be dropping chemistry, i only have about 6 weeks till ALL my exams start and along with that i have to learn about roughly 2-3 months of work. to be specific i thought i just missed equilibria, Kc and redox, when realistically ive missed that plus enthalpies, rate eqautions with Kp, electrode potential and cells, acids, bases and pH, and i believe a couple more. time to ask a new question on TSR!: Does failing horribly in one subject affect your chances of going to uni? i mean im gonna get an A in maths, B/A in further maths (predicting, havent even begun it yet but im willing to spend a lot of work) B/A in physics and B in biology. i'd be lucky to get a C/D in chemistry and i fear that will be a severe bottleneck in my chances of uni
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Updated: April 4, 2016
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