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GCSE Maths Resit Nerves

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    I left school two years ago and Maths was the only subject I failed in (I have 10 GCSEs including the current D in Maths). I didn't stay on at the same school, I chose to go to my local college instead. I have functional skills Maths at Level 2 which is the same level as a GCSE however my current college told me that I would have to retake my GCSE again this year.

    Although my work in Maths has improved constantly, I'm really struggling psychologically to get myself into the positive mind-set for the exam. I've suffered from Anxiety since the age of 14 and the support at the College hasn't been brilliant. They have not looked after myself and my needs well during the exam season and failed to administer my concessions correctly resulting in me failing an exam by one mark (my Level 2 Maths exam in functional skills last year). I have been bullied at College on and off for the last six months, suffered very badly healthwise and been through a very difficult break-up after my ex-boyfriend cheated on me and dumped me because I read books. 2016 has been difficult.

    I still don't know for sure what my plans are for September. I'm turning 18 this year and am considering a wide range of options since I don't want to stay on my current course since its not for me. However, it has really dawned on me that my third attempt may be my last chance to get this GCSE. Everytime I've sat a GCSE Maths exam, something bad always happens. My concessions aren't administered properly or I suffer from panic attacks which for me can strike at anytime. I'm also in a very unmotivated Maths group for class that eat food loudly, play music outloud on their mobile phones, have arguments with each other etc.

    I don't really know where else to turn so I've chosen here. I've been off this site for a year since I had a couple of users say some very nasty things to me that I don't want to dwell on. I have been going to revision sessions and doing all of the homework set but the minute my Anxiety flairs up, I forget everything and fail.

    I'm sorry for the really long post but time is running out and I have no idea what to do. Someone help!

    what i would suggest you to do a past paper in exams conditions and if possible try to do in a hall where you are more likely to do your real one - talk to your teachers about the issue and i hope they will understand your anxiety
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Updated: April 4, 2016
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