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Dating someone and affecting my health negatively

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    I've been dating a girl for the last few weeks and it has been negatively affecting my health. I have a medical condition (generalized anxiety).

    I'm busy from 9 to 5, but in the evenings as I'm free I drop her a message, but I get seriously ill when I don't hear from her, and I've been turning to alcohol. A number of reasons play a role:

    Her texting habits tend to get me paranoid, I might send a message and not receive a reply for over 24 hours. On average it is a 2-3 hours wait even for simple replies. It's temporarily a long distance relationship, and she is really bad with keeping in touch. At the start we were texting each other almost 24/7. I rarely receive messages from her, and her replies at times are fragmented.

    Her behaviour towards other guys, and how she talks about other guys also really stresses me out. She has told me a lot about her past, and some of it worries me, and sometimes I worry I can't trust her. I also worry that I can't see her as a long term partner.

    I've thought of ending it, or seeing other people as I've not been feeling very well, it is a lot of worrying. I just want to feel normal again!

    Does she know anything about your anxiety and is she sympathetic? If she were then she could adjust her behaviour by replying more promptly.
    I think from what you say she has lost interest, the LDR aspect means shes wandered on to look elsewhere.
    You also have trust issues.

    You could try and speak to her, but youve only been dating few weeks and she might not be receptive. You would know though whether she was interested or not.

    Is seeing other people a realistic option?

    Imo shes grown bored now you arent there in person or bored generally. Talk to her and ask whats happening and maybe it would be nice if she could repsond a little more promtly(without sounding needy or controling. If it doesnt work then agree to end it . See it as a sign of progress becayse at least you managed to date someone for a while. Take a break then look for someone else.

    stopped reading at 'long distance'.... sigh.
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Updated: April 4, 2016
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