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I don't feel 'alive'.

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    I'm worried, I have battled with depression for a few years now and have been in a good place for around the months. However recently I've been interested in a girl, who made all the first moves, gave off very strong signals she liked me, and has suddenly gone cold on me.

    This past few weeks I've felt the best I have in years as I had something good and exciting in my life, I mean a pretty girl being interested in me is unheard of.

    Now she isn't really all that interested, I've realised how crap my life is and I've had this horrible empty feeling again like I did while I was struggling with depression. I'm beating myself up because of how caught up I've gotten over her in a short amount of time, and being led on, and now she's gone my life is just dull again.

    I graduated from a great uni with a great degree, couldn't find work so settled for a standard supermarket job, I don't really talk to my family, I have no love interests in my life, and I just feel worthless just like I did when I was deepest in depression in the past.

    Sorry to hear this is bringing back the feelings that feel similar to the depression you managed to come out of :hugs: what you have to do is build in substitutes for the things that having the girl interested in you provides... Spend time with friends, meet new people, do things you're good at, do things you enjoy, treat yourself well, get good sleep and eat good food.

    Also did you reciprocate the interest with that girl?
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