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NQT Abroad

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    Howdy ya'll. I have done a brief search on TSR and not found too much into this regard, so I am starting a new thread. Apologies if it has been done before.

    I'm a football coach, plenty of experience working abroad, making the change into teaching. I'm studying a master's right now, and will be beginning a PGCE in September. I owe a lot of people a lot of money, currently not making enough money to be able to afford my interest payments and overdraft charges. But at least I will have plenty of pieces of paper to prove how intelligent I am, right? Add to that teacher training for a year with no income, I sometimes wish I just went down the normal and easy route of a 9-5 office job.

    Anyway, I know it can be done. I've read a lot about it and even have a friend who has done it. My return to the UK was only ever intended to be a short one, as I wish to see the world. Plus, with the unattractive situation British teachers are in currently, I don't want to stick around to be part of the mess. I'm not motivated by money, but bloody hell do I need it. Taking an NQT abroad, particularly in the Gulf States, will be a very quick way to get into a healthy financial situation. The all round package is quite an enticing one.

    I worked in Kuwait and had a lot of teacher friends out there, from all sorts of different schools. Some really enjoyed it, and much preferred it to back home, for all sorts of reasons. Some were just there temporarily for the big payout, before returning home with a wad of cash to be used for a mortgage. One such teacher was doing her NQT year, and was not having a good experience with the school. She's a good friend of mine, so I trust her word implicitly. From what I can gather, the opinion is that schools that accept NQTs abroad, are often second rate, and don't treat the staff too well.

    Have you done it, considered it, or know someone who has?
    Would you recommend it?
    Could I tolerate an NQT year abroad in a second rate school, before perhaps moving onto a better one?
    I know many say that NQT years are so important for embedding knowledge, but how important would that be to me, considering I have eight years of working with kids of all different backgrounds through coaching, have some high level coaching qualifications, and I'm studying a master's in coaching education? I'm not saying I know everything, but there is definitely a lot of overlapping knowledge between teaching and coaching.

    Thank you in advance for your help and thoughts, and for contributing to this discussion.

    As far as I am aware you have to do your NQT year in the UK.

    Just checked. You cannot do your NQT year abroad.

    Au contraire. You can do your NQT year abroad.


    This has to be in a specifically accredited British school overseas (BSO) which, like UK schools, has Ofsted inspections etc. This is the only way of accrediting your NQT year abroad. There are very few of these schools, and if they are anything like the one I know of locally to me (in France), these schools tend to be so good that people practically die in post (i.e. positions are very difficult to come by). I know, because having obtained QTS via assessment-only nearly 2 years ago, I looked into this subsequently. I have still not yet done my NQT year.


    Many international schools will hire you with QTS, even if you have not done your NQT year. However, this does not mean that you will be able to do your NQT year there (i.e. with lots of support leading to eventual accreditation). Indeed, many international schools accept people with no form of education qualification whatsoever. So if your desire is to work overseas for the lifestyle benefits involved, then you will certainly be able to do this. But don't expect a piece of paper saying you've done your NQT year out of it - and be prepared to sink or swim as chances are you will be given a lot of freedom, expected to be very independent, and provided with little support/resources.
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Updated: April 7, 2016
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