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Funding for college & then into Uni for a mature student / assistance for PTSD

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    Hey. I'm just seeking a little clarity on this, so any info' / advice is immensly appreciated.

    In a nutshell, to summarise how I've came to the decision to pursue a journey on an academic path (albeit I'm a little undecided on what path exactly that is to be) - I'm approaching 27, & my living circumstances are to change quite drastically over the next year having been living with my grandparents for around a decade or so.

    I've put a pursuit into higher education off for around 4-5 years now, having worked numerous temporary / semi-permanent jobs along the way, & feel like if I don't take some kind of action within this year (as opposed to 'next year') then I'll be telling myself the same thing in 5 years time.

    Having looked at pathways to Uni, I'm looking at a year or two at College (to gain enough UCAS points) before applying. I understand what financial support is available once I get to the Uni stage, in terms of loans to cover tuition / basic living costs but don't quite understand what is available for mature college goers outside of covering tuition fees.

    Looking at full-time courses & working part-time, would I be eligible for a maintenance loan to helpwith rent etc (since I'll have to be renting a flat / houseshare in the coming months regardless), or is that only for Uni students? Also, if it is possible to receive that kind of loan - is it then still available to go through Uni with? In essence - is there a limit on the amount I can loan?

    AFAIK the Gov's changes to grants is due to be implemented from this acamdemic year onwards (meaning taking out a further loan to over the same amount in mataintance). Meaning I'd be looking at £80k+ for the 5-6 years of study (college + Uni). That is, if what I'm seeking clarity on above is right....

    On another note - I've recently been diagnosed with PTSD due to a childhood trauma (severe nightmares being the main symptom, which I've had since around age 12). This impacts my focus / concentration somewhat when it flares up, mainly due (imo) to how itaffects my quality of sleep (2 hours or so per night - in more severe casesI might not be able to sleep at all for 1-3 nights).

    Is there anyone who could maybe share their experiences of going into education with something similar,how they found it & also any information on what assistance is available inthe form of counselling etc if it was deemed necessary (i'm currently incounselling, & looking at going for CBT after)?

    This is one of the main reasons I've put off going into higher education as I've felt (still fell to an extent) apprehension on how I'd cope, or a fear of failing due to lack ofconcentration & motivation due to the aforementioned. The other reason wasthe debt I'd incur, but I've came to the point of thinking "to the hellwith it" in regards to that.

    If you've read this far, thanks. Didn't quite mean for this to be a wall of text
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    I realise now this is probably the wrong forum to post in....any mods that see this & feel it'd be better placed in another sub-forum; feel free to move it

    (Original post by FashanuToeFu)
    I realise now this is probably the wrong forum to post in....any mods that see this & feel it'd be better placed in another sub-forum; feel free to move it
    What exactly are you looking to do at college? I think if you're under 25 and don't have any level 3 qualifications then you'll automatically get them paid - but obviously this wouldn't apply to you.

    The best route would be to do an access to HE course, which takes around 9 months of studying to finish. This would also mean applying to university during the next cycle of UCAS applications. The HE diplomas are usually in the form of pathways, so for example if you wanted to do something scientific then access to science would be the most appropriate pathway for you.

    Funding for access courses if you're over 25 is usually in the form of a small loan which works in the same way as student loans for university; you don't pay anything back until you earn over a certain amount (21k per year I think). As far as I'm aware, there's no form of maintenance payments for college/sixth form students, however the college you're studying at may have a bursary you can apply for. I studied as a mature student at college and received around £15 a week.
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