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Undergraduate Placement Help / Advice What Would You Choose...?

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    So, I currently study Tourism Management at Uni and I have to take a 1 year work placement, I've been offered 2.

    1. A 5* hotel just outside heathrow airport, visited today, it's absolutely beautiful. They give you free accommodation at the hotel all paid for and £500 a month, not too bad considering a lot of placements are not even paid.

    2. A placement as a Sales Travel Executive in CENTRAL London and is around £18,500k a year, which to a 20 year old sounds very nice, but I would have to find my own accommodation and London isn't cheap... and also commute I just don't know financially which one would be better, the hotel seems a good deal because you got accommodation and you get meals (5* kinda ones ) while at work, but as a 20 year old male, would london give me more excitement and after tax, bills, travel, rent... would I still be better off in London if I found a room for around £500 a month, does that still exist? Or would I be so far out of central, plus commuting to central for work etc?

    I'm so stuck, please help what one I should do...

    Do the one that fits your career aims. Mind me asking, do you have any savings?

    Also, you would definitely not find a room for £500 quid - my experience
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    (Original post by ALT94)
    Do the one that fits your career aims. Mind me asking, do you have any savings?
    Literally none, I work at the moment but I'm always like £500 into my overdraft, I think I still get student loan. But I just know that London will be so expensive and I'm crap with saving as it is.

    Personally, if I were to choose it would be the 5 star hotel. It would look good on a CV that you worked at such an establishment and you can reflect the experience to many other sectors. It all depends on the end career goal though.

    i believe you get a reduced student loan, yes. Would it be possible to renegotiate to get a higher wage? Its a bit risky I know
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