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Life is miserable

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    Thanks to distance the love of my life and me can never work out, yet even a year on we still somehow ended up confiding in each other...

    I hate the city i live in, it's so far from the rest of England and too north for my liking... I study a useless degree (psychology) which I highly doubt that I'll find a job in, never mind in London (I want to move there)... so how can i even?! With no income I will be stuck in this city forever, and jobless living at my parents house.

    Tbh even with all the crying I do about how miserable I am with life (mostly to do with my ex but also to do with my future, because even if I and my ex somehow worked with distance, then what? How could I even move to London with no means of survival lol?????). I am just putting myself through unnecessary misery and I am so tired of it.

    I am struggling really explain my feelings or how **** things are right now, my head is all over the place, and I am not used to ever expressing these thoughts that are in my head - so please bare with that description. I don't know why i am even posting this, maybe in the hopes of reliving some pain, i don't know. (i am 19 years old btw)

    I've been in the same situation as you And it was horrible. i got depressed and started hurting myself and i would cry myself to sleep every night. And i thought i had escaped it until i found out i had my GCSE's coming up and thoughts came flooding in of me failing and sleeping on the streets and being disowned by own family. But do you know I held my head up high and i'm studying as hard as I can. I got my beautiful girlfriend and I love her but after a storm always comes a rainbow... have hope in yourself
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Updated: April 6, 2016
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