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Why do people still consume cow's milk?

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    What if some of us don't want alternatives and prefer fresh cow's milk? I spent 7 years of my life living in a remote village with 20 people in it where a retail van comes once a week and the nearest village with a shop was 6 km away, fresh cow's milk was the best thing, especially together with a piece of bread and homemade berry jam :love: It's nice to know that such drink comes from such a cute animal rather than drinking some soya or almond milk that comes from just a plant :erm:

    (Original post by anosmianAcrimony)
    That's a load of nonsense. Humans are unethical in countless other ways, but it doesn't make our exploitation of dairy cows any less heinous, and it doesn't mean we can't work towards solving all of those injustices simultaneously. In fact, stopping dairy consumption is probably one of the easiest fixes humanity can do, with some of the most far-reachingly good effects for the world in general - as I've already posted, the meat and dairy industry contributes to world hunger, climate change, and the prevalence of heart disease and cancer.

    The idea that we should be "allowed" to exploit dairy cows because we are "at the top of the food chain" is similarly nonsensical. The dairy industry is a profoundly unnatural system to which the rules of biology do not apply. What's more, biological systems like food chains never have any moral weight to them - they describe what does happen in the wild, not what ought to happen in human society.
    Your only argument is purely from a moral point of view. Yes its unethical and unnecessary but we enjoy it and there is no animal or force that can stop us. It is a good source of calcium, regardless of the that there are alternatives. If your argument is from a moral standpoint then really it would be hypocritical of you to use home energy, drive a car, go holiday etc etc

    As for this 'disrupti g biology' argument. Well the cows are often bred to produce more milk anyway and more crucially, they are bred. The breeding system takes the cows out the system. This is why we are allowed to consumbe dairy, since they are bred. Your denial of this is purely from a moral standpoint.

    I know this souns selfish but humans are inherently selfish and will do what we want for our own self gain. Veganism is perfectly fine but it shouldnt ever be forced on others.
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Updated: April 7, 2016
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