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Shoe dilemma..

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    So I'm 5'11 and Prom is getting closer and closer and I'm stuck whether to wear really small heels or flats (such as converse), my dress is long but the bottom is netting so slightly see through. I'm not really a fan of kitten heels and all my friends are super short..

    help meeee

    I am also around 5'11 / 6 foot and was stuck on what to get. I've ended up buying some sandals with sparkly things on ( they look better than they sound). I was really worried about whether theyd look weird or not but honestly i dont think anyone will be looking at shoes, especially if youre wearing a long dress. All my friends are around 5'3 so i sometimes feel like i stick out but just wear what youd feel comfortable in

    could go with pumps? Given the length of the dress, perhaps not converse. Unless, you just want to be comfy and don't think they really show.

    Go for a small or medium sized heel that you'd also be comfortable in. It fulfills the "glam dress up" criteria and I'm assuming all your friends will be wearing heels too so you won't be that much taller either. I've been to 2 proms and heights not really been a matter for anyone, some girls, both tall (6ft+) and short, go crazy with 5/6 inch heels (I did, I'm 5"3) so you'll be fine height wise. I'd say decide comfort-wise

    why don't you try a pair of really pretty flat sandals (maybe a silver or gold pair depending on the colour of your dress & accessories).

    If you love to wear converse and it shows off your personality better then go for it ! You will certainly be the most comfy and will last longer on the dance floor !
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Updated: April 6, 2016
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