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Gap year, how can I increase chances of getting a TC?

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    I'm (hopefully) going to be on a gap year next year if I meet my offer, and am considering aiming to become a solicitor, hopefully in the City ( a dream because I love London... Probably will change when I experience how competitive getting a TC is!!)My degree is going to be in English, so hopefully I'll develop really strong communication, writing, argument synthesis, critical skills. My degree will probably not develop quantitive, business/ economics skills so much, and these are probably the ones I'd want to develop. Any suggestions on how to utilise this upcoming year to the maximum extent so my application for TCs is really competetive would be great. Obviously it would be ideal if the TC I got funded GDL/LPC. I'll aim for a First, but am pretty much 100% certain I'll end up with a 2:1/2:2 ( unlikely though as only around 5-10% of people in my hopeful uni and my subject get 2:2, but then of course they look at module marks...)

    In terms of ECs, do really niche ones count, like organising events, being part of odd societies? I hear that for the most competetive American, MC firms people have often won awards/ other prestegious achievements etc. ?

    Currently all I have secured work experience at a regional property law firm in my area , as a friend's mother is partner there.

    Thank you for any advice, sorry for my lack of knowledge about this. Also, hearing advice from people with experience is always good.

    My advice would be to get a job, and go travelling. Both experiences, particularly working in a bar, have helped me immensely in developing soft skills and have been viewed favourably when I've been interviewed.

    My gap year consisted of working in a bar, initially for one day a week but eventually I was working more hours than anyone other than management because I was good at it, reliable, liked by customers etc. As you can imagine that goes down fairly well in interviews. I've continued working in bars since whilst at uni and now I've been promoted to supervisor, which again firms have seemed to like.

    Then I went travelling for three months round Europe. Whilst this has always been a decent talking point in interviews, I'd say go travelling more for the experience.

    There is plenty of time at uni to find some work experience, and by all means get a few weeks with a firm if you can but just aim to enjoy your gap year as it'll be the one chance you ever really get to have no responsibilities.

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    Take a casual interest in keeping up with current affairs and business news, it never hurts to develop and nurture your interest now. You don't have to go that in depth if you don't want to, but if you enjoy it and want to go into a commercial setting then why not. What I did on my year off sometimes just to get out of the house (I was resitting exams) was head to the library and read The Times newspaper and see what's going on in the world. You could also start reading the economist although I'm not sure if you would be eligible for the student offer subscription which is a damn sight cheaper than it otherwise would be. If you want to find out the latest news about firms (good if you are making applications/have an interview coming up etc) then I would set up Google alerts

    To summarise, I wouldn't worry to much about any of this during your gap year, but it can certainly help you get ahead in first year and develop those commercial awareness skills
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Updated: April 6, 2016
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