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Boyfriend's friends have fallen out with him over me

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    My boyfriend has recently fallen out with many of his friends and they are using me as the reason.
    I'm very shy and awkward and I appear to have a fear of public display of affection. I'm also possibly asexual or just have a very low sex drive. Due to this his friends think he is wasting his time with me and I'm not good for him. I can understand where they are coming from with that, I'm not exactly easy (although I don't think these friends have ever actually met me). Despite my awkwardness, my boyfriend still wants to be with me and is heavily emotionally invested in me. As for me, I am very happy with him and currently can't imagine not being with him. Yet he's had massive arguments with his friends since they think we should split up because they don't consider me good for him (and like I said, I understand their reasoning).
    He's lost a lot of friends over the issue (he thinks he had an argument with one of them and they turned the others against him as well) and I'm quite concerned. I've suggested they try and make up but he says they won't talk to him. Is there anything I can do or should be doing?

    They don't sound like friends to be honest. They should be there for him and respect his decisions.

    Why are you putting yourself down too... Just because your introvert and have a low sex drive you're hard work? Get that out of her head

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    What the hell? His friends sound like horrid individuals. I usually find that it's the couple's fault when an individual starts losing their friends but in the case, no. There's nothing wrong with you and he sounds like a lovely guy and you fit each other well. Not all friends are forever, he's probably learning this now. You're not at fault but I wouldn't blame him for being sad that his friends are giving him issues with you. Don't change yourself for anybody.
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Updated: April 6, 2016
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