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Do you suffer from Hayfever? What are the best Hayfever Hacks?

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    It is awful, I don't suffer this early in the season usually, I'm a grass pollen victim, but I totally get it.

    Some tips:

    - shower as regularly as you can, change clothes when you get home. Pollen covers your body and a shower washes at least some of it off. Similarly, rinse hair regularly.

    - eating local honey works for some people.

    - there are some 'acclimatising' treatments that you have to take all year, which consist of ingesting small amounts of pollen all the time. Consult a local healthfood store or practitioner.

    - wraparound glasses definitely work, if you can bear looking that ridiculous. :teehee:

    - if you have the chance, escape to somewhere with little or no pollen for some recovery time at the peak of 'your' season - the Shetlands, the Orkneys, Iceland.

    - stay indoors on really bad days.

    (Original post by BurstingBubbles)
    Hayfever seems to be affecting more and more people each year. How does it affect you, or are you one of the lucky ones who aren't affected?

    I seem to get it worse each year, and it's been affecting my asthma too, meaning I've felt ill the last couple of years from it. Of course, I take hayfever tablets (Loratadine - I used to take Cetirizine for years, but these became less affective) and my brown preventative inhaler to try and tackle it, but it never seems to be completely gone :shakecane:

    I've had a bit of a research and nothing seems to help at the moment - including all the 'wrap around sunglasses, showers in the evening' etc. Have you got any Hayfever Hacks that help you? Post any helpful links or advice below
    I suffer from Hayfever myself and have been using the Beconase (think I spelt that wrong?) and it's really effective for me. Every now and again I do use the loratadine tablets but over the years it's becoming less effective and the cetirizine tablets don't work for me

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    Yeah i take cetirizine tablets but im not sure if they work, but nasal spray really helps its kinda addictive tho lol so be careful

    I used too suffer really badly especially my eyes but I've been okay for the last few years. I think it depends what type of pollen is popular that season but I haven't medicated for a while

    For the past few years I've been getting used to putting vaseline around my nostrils and a bit inside my nose too, a couple of mm.

    This stops some pollen from setting in your nose triggering some of my symptoms, however it does look like you have a runny nose for most of the day but it's well worth it, especially during exam periods.
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Updated: April 11, 2016
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