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transgender dad

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    Feel bad for you.

    (Original post by Hanvyj)

    If you can't accept even the slightest inconvenience of calling him "she" or not using "dad" (maybe try his name instead...) you're a pretty pathetic daughter in my opinion.
    What right do you can to call her "pathetic"? Get off your high and mighty horse mate.

    She's a young teen who's just had her entire world turned upside down. Not only does she have to now deal with her parents splitting up, but she's also got to deal with her father making sudden big decisions like this.

    If I suddenly found out I pretty much knew next to nothing about who my parent really was then I would be shocked and upset too, just like most normal people.

    Also I wouldn't say having to suddenly change what you call your parent is a "slight" inconvenience, It's a major one.

    So many people telling OP to be understanding wtf she was raised by a mum and a dad and to have her dad suddenly not be a dad anymore is obviously going to be tough and OP deserves to be emotional. I would totally react the same if my dad wanted to become a woman. The OP can be understanding later on and use proper pronouns but this is huge news

    A father should look after their children, if the father wants emotional support, he should talk to his wife or friends

    OP: how long ago did your parent tell you they're trans?
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Updated: April 6, 2016
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