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Does this make sense

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    Alternatively, for theduration of ‘Medusa,’ Duffy uses terminology, to present the paranoid voice’s needin keeping her husband’s love. The extreme transformation of this unreasonable womaninto the monstrous creature, ‘Medusa,’ further serves as a metaphor for thepower of jealous love to corrupt. Within the poem, little snippets of ‘Medusa’s’extreme vulnerability often rise, showing the voice’s absolute adoration for herhusband. In addition, this may demonstrate that the origin of this emotional turmoilwas indeed the extremity of love. Duffy’s enclosure of such language, continuesto emphasise that behind ‘Medusa’s’ mask of anger, lies a paranoid woman; fearfulin regards to her partners care for his ‘girls.’ Moreover, ‘Medusa’ states that‘There are bullet tears in my eyes,’ using paradoxical qualities within thisprojection of complete vulnerability. Since the voice is unable to control her jealousy,she resorts to the spur of oxymoronic ‘tears’ made of ‘bullets’ outward.Furthermore, the antithesis of the murderous missile ‘bullet,’ with the softand feminine ‘tears,’ explores the contradictory nature of jealous love; it canbecome destructive within a relationship. Additionally, the noun, ‘bullet’ epitomises the voice’sneed for power, with the use of weaponry demonstrating the woman’s eruption ofextreme anger. The inclusion of this exaggerated force further highlights‘Medusa’s’ inability to control her destructive emotion. Furthermore, this‘bullet’ may act in representative of the destructive jealousy felt by‘Medusa,’ with the nature of a ‘bullet’ being to wound. Due to theencompassment of the woman’s intense emotion, the use of symbolism may imply hercomplete transformation into evil. ‘Medusa’ is left to only emit negativity,demonstrated by the evil need to inflict revenge and therefore the wounding of herhusband - despite being completely in love with him.

    With paragraphing I think so 265 words in one go is a bit much tbh

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Updated: April 6, 2016
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