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Leaving university or not? confused!

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    Hi all. I have posted this on the MH section I think but I don't think it has been submitted so I am writing on here.

    Right, I am having a real hard time at the moment. I am expecting a baby and due in September. I am still continuing with university and working. My grades have been ranging between B and C which I am fine with. However, today I just found out I have received a D grade! I do not think my work was worthy of a D grade. I worked hard on it and it took me months to complete, alongside depression and anxiety that I have been suffering for the past couple of months too! This is my final lowest point.

    Prior to this, I was not feeling happy about my course, to be honest. I stuck it out because I wanted to finish off what I started but my heart is not in it any more and have finally had enough. I am interested in becoming an HSC NVQ Assessor in the workplace as I have always been interested in HSC and have been a care worker previously which I enjoyed doing. I am now exploring my options after consistent Googling and e-mailing back and forth NVQ assessor companies. I have three options and just need some more input on what you think I should do? I've wasted tuition fees and maintenance loan which is an absolute pain!

    Option 1:
    Stick with university, despite receiving low grades and potentially waste another 9k on tuition fees on a 2:2 / 3rd class honours degree

    Option 2:
    Apply for Interruption of Studies, and enrol onto a HSC Level 3 course and resit Maths and English Functional Skills Level 2 throughout the whole year (partner said he will help with the baby, as we live together)

    Option 3:
    Leave university and concentrate on following Option 1

    I am lost on all of them. I am disappointed in myself, but I do want to gain an education and not just leave and that's that. I have booked an appointment with National Careers Service to explore my options and get help on what specific course(s) do I need to enrol on.

    Thanks and sorry for the long and boring post, I am just feeling really low about everything that's happening.

    Have you talked your options through with your tutor?

    There's no point, imo, doing a course when you're clearly not happy.
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Updated: April 6, 2016
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