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I waste all my time studying just to get low grades,

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    I'm doing a degree (physiotherapy,), in my 2nd year and despite putting in lots of effort I'm still only getting low marks around 55 percent. It's annoying me because I've done a degree before and for assignments have got in the 70's and 80's after I'd built up essay writing technique and yet the way I write doesn't seem to go down too well at this university. I used to do sports in the evening but have sacrificed a few sessions in the week to study yet I don't seem to improve. There's lots of anatomy and physiology as expected and I have an exam when I go back after the Easter break. I've been studying everyday and haven't been on holiday as I don't want to fail, it hasn't been a break as I've had this exam hanging over me and taking up all my time. I get annoyed at times and think what's the point in wasting my time putting effort in if I'm only going to get low 2.2 grades and 3rds. I don't know if I'm smart enough at times and I never feel I get a break without some essay or exam hanging over me, I feel guilty if I'm not studying. Guess I just wanted to rant and get advice really.

    honestly this is why i picked a STEM degree. the answer is either right or its wrong. not gonna waste my time writing a masterpiece just for some stiff 70 old man to decide he doesn't like it.

    so glad i'm not in your position OP. it's a game of luck.

    good luck brother/sister.

    Apologies for the useless advice you've already been given by a troll^

    Have you approached any of your lecturers with regards to how to improve your essay grades?
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    (Original post by Inexorably)
    Apologies for the useless advice you've already been given by a troll^

    Have you approached any of your lecturers with regards to how to improve your essay grades?
    Yes I e had meetings but getting feedback annoys me too lol. A few months ago I was told that I needed to explain things clearly by mentioning obvious facts and backing them up even though they are obvious. I did this in the next essay and in my feedback it said similar to 'I feel that some of the suggestions you make about patient care go without saying'. It's like I'm jumping through their hoops all the time but never winning. A lot of the exams are practical too and although I know what I need to learn it's hard to know what exactly they are looking for.

    Don't sacrifice sport if it makes you happy. Use them as something to aim for to get you through your work and as a break.
    If your essay style isn't working at this university, ask your tutors what's wrong and come up with a new one.
    Look on amazon. There are ebooks you can buy on essay writing. I bought one recently and actually know how to write my essays. It's a great book.
    Make a revision schedule and stick with it. Find when you work best in the day (early morning, late afternoon etc.) and structure your study around that.
    Eat healthily and have some sort of stress relief.

    Oh, and listen to this. It motivates me when I'm at my lowest. It could work for you:

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Updated: April 6, 2016
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