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Trying to move into a specialised field with the wrong degree

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    Within the last couple of years I finished a masters in sustainable energy, which I choose because I liked the institution, had no real idea what I wanted to do and it seemed like good job prospects.

    Recently though after a bit of time out travelling and doing odd jobs I've reassessed things and I'd really like to get back into a more physics orientated engineering specialisation, specifically an involvement with the astronautics sector; something I've had an interest in since I was tiny, just always dismissed as an unfeasible career.

    Now I currently have a couple of offers for physics PhDs, but they are all within condensed matter. It would be fun and all, but not really what I dream about.

    I'm wondering what might be the best way of getting into the astronautics sector from where I currently am. I'm not sure whether I worked doing energy R&D, most likely solar as that what I have the most expertise and interest in, for a while and built up experience I'd be able to transfer to a space orientated company. Does this seem like a reasonable path? I don't really have the money to be able to afford another masters.

    Any comments about my ideas or other suggested paths would be welcome.


    You need to either gain relevant work experience (which may be unpaid) or get a relevant masters degree. There isn't much else you can do. Maybe look for jobs that are in the sector that don't specify needing a specialist degree.
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