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    So applied to the university of Edinburgh in December and on their website it says responses will be made by 31st March. Approximately two months passes by after receiving offers from all my other choices and I still haven't heard back from Edinburgh, I found this really weird as it was the 29th of March, two days before all decisions would be made, especially as all my friends had been given responses. So I went back on to the website to find the last humanities applicant day was the following day. Although I found this rather irritating as without a response I would have no invitation to attend, I decided the best thing to do would be to write the humanities admission team an email asking if I could attend the applicant day without the invitation as it would be my only opportunity to see if I liked the university, accommodation etc. However, this did very little as they failed to reply to the email. About a week later I wrote them another POLITE email informing them of my situation and yet again, no response. I finally phoned them today and after speaking with a range of different people, was told they "couldn't find my application". After approximately half an hour of giving them many details to which they could identify me, I was told "a decision has been made, it will be in your track", I looked at track again and unsurprisingly there was nothing. I phoned them back again and spoke with an entirely different person, by whom I was told "no, no decision has been made, the person who told you it had was incorrect" and requested to phone me back after speaking with someone else, I politely accepted and whilst waiting for him to phone back, I was informed "Application unsuccessful" on track. Coincidence? I think not. They had obviously not responded to my application and after being put under pressure, been forced to make a decision. I can deal with the rejection but I don't understand how a university which claims to be one of the best in Scotland can be so careless.


    make sure you guys join the Facebook group to ask any questions facebook.com/groups/925767134160872/
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    No questions, just wanted to share my experience
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