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    Hi guys,
    anyone who is or has been enrolled in this MSc??

    - What do teachers value most about students?
    - Name the one thing that you like most about this program!
    - Are there any students that come from a non-STEM bachelor degree?
    - Anything else you consider relevant for an applicant to know! (Application tips?)

    Any help is really appreciated!!!!!!!

    Hello!I was actually in a similar position a couple of years ago...and I even posted questions here.I finished the MSc last year and all in all I am very happy with my choice. At the time, I was contemplating if I should choose UCL or some other InfoSec MSc.
    (Original post by cosimodm)
    Hi guys,- What do teachers value most about students?- Name the one thing that you like most about this program!- Are there any students that come from a non-STEM bachelor degree?- Anything else you consider relevant for an applicant to know! (Application tips?)

    Well, the MSc (any Msc I would say) is mostly about what you want to get out of it, and not what the lecturers expect from you. Are you interested in just finishing with a "pass"? Are you interested in getting awesome grades? Or maybe use UCL to get a grad position? Or a full position?
    I have seen all of these happening...

    The InfoSec group is well-known, but I think the UCL pedigree helps too, regardless of what you decide to do afterwards.

    There are lots of students from different backgrounds. The lecturers know this and they schedule additional tutorials etc, or even private meetings, but it is basically up to you to study a lot.

    Be careful, when choosing the optional modules. I would recommend you to pick the ones that you are interested in and not the seemingly "easy" ones. After all you are paying for it. With that being said, stock some extra coffee. It's not stressful all the time, but the deadlines tend to cluster.

    What I liked the most? Hmm.... I would say the fact that there were numerous opportunities to do stuff (e.g., CTF competitions). To the point that I could be very picky with what I attend and still have a schedule full of activities...
    All in all, I have zero regrets for my choice. Not to say that everything is perfect, but I enjoyed it!
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    Hi and thank you so much for taking the time to reply!!

    Can you recommend any readings that you think would be useful to prepare for the core courses? Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed the degree, I really look forward to it!


    I don't know much about your background, so my suggestions will be generic.

    If you want to improve your math skills (useful for intro to crypto), try familiarizing yourself with modular arithmetic and maybe read a bit on rsa, diffie hellman. But you will have time within the year to do so as well (not that you will have plenty of time though).

    However, what I would do is read generally news and articles about security, to get an idea of what I like. This will help you decide on the optional modules.
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