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What is a PGCE really like?

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    Hello all,

    I am due to start a primary PGCE (KS1/2) in September as a mature student/parent. I have come along way over the last three years, obtaining my Maths and English GCSE's, passing the professional skills tests and I am on track for a 2:1 or possibly a first while working 3-4 days/eveings a week, being a parent and husband. I understand it will be tough, but how tough? Can anyone give me some advice.

    It's difficult to say how tough you will find it because it depends on so many different things: what you are like as a person, where you are doing your course, the tutors and mentors that you get etc. I think that some courses are simply tougher than others and sometimes people have bad luck and get very unhelpful mentors and tutors who make things unnecessarily difficult. The good news is that the majority of people survive their PGCE year just fine - at least they do at my university and I'm sure at many others too.

    The fact that you have already juggled completing a degree alongside your family life and work means that you have had some good practise at managing your time effectively, which will certainly help you because effective time management is key to everything. There are a number of parents on my course and all of them seem to be getting through it without any major problems - the ones that I have spoken to have said that it requires a good family support system. It's simply not possible to do everything at home and get everything for the course done too, so you will certainly need someone to pick up the slack for you at home.

    Try not to worry! It will probably be one of the most rewarding, frustrating, enjoyable and challenging few months of your life and, if you love teaching, it's definitely worth it.
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    Thank you, that is great to hear. I am going to be at Huddersfield Uni which is where I am doing my degree so I am fairly familiar with the teachers. Fingers crossed I get a good school and good mentors. I guess though that is out of my control. I have teachers in the family so hopefully they will help, and my wife says she will do whatever she can, the house just may have to be a mess for a few months. Thank you for your advice, I have given up a lot to get to this point so I will finish!
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