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pizza express job question

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    Hi not sure if this is the right forum but ... I've been working as a kitchen porter/cleaner in pizza express for about 3 months as a "trainee", 2 or 3 shifts a week - does anyone know from their experience when I can expect to stop being a trainee and get paid a higher rate? I'm nervous about pushing my managers about it but I've been working well and on my own virtually since I started.

    Have you looked at your contract? Typically internships can last anywhere from 12 weeks through to 1 year. If there isn't anything written down then I would suggest that you speak to your manager.

    Don't jump straight in and ask for a pay rise as this will instantly get their back up. Ask to speak to them regarding your performance. Personally I would follow this format:

    1. Set the scene. Tell them why you wanted to speak to them. Say you're really enjoying the expericne and felt that you've learnt a lot and are keen to expand your scope and responsibility. You want to use today's session to understand how you go about doing this.
    2. Ask open ended questions such as "How has my performance been", "Any strengths you think I have" "Any areas I could look to develop".
    3. Ask for nest steps. Especially timelines. It's here (if everything is going well) you can ask about the promotion track. DO NOT talk about more money. Talk about increasing responsibility

    Good luck

    When I worked as a waitress at Pizza Express I stayed on the same rate even when I finished my training. I don't think it goes up...

    You could ask other team mates what the 'normal thing' is as they should know approximately when they/others have gone up, if your manager is nice and friendly then you could ask them when it is normal to stop being a 'trainee'

    normal probation/trainee periods can vary a lot so it's impossible to tell without asking someone
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Updated: April 15, 2016
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