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Paying utilities over summer?

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    I live in a private rented house with another student couple (who are together), my housemate has all the electricity and gas bills in her name and I pay £50 a month towards both.
    However, I'm a little confused as to if I should pay for utilities over summer when I'm not living in the house for five months when my other housemates will be.
    I understand that it'll be harder on them if I refuse to pay for utilities but I keep thinking why should I pay for something I'm not using? What should I do?
    I also have to pay full rent on the house AND rent to my mother over the summer with no guarantee that I'll get a job and with the hours I desperately need.
    It's a tricky one that I can see both sides of

    You should pay an amount for your proportion of the standing charge, but not the rest for utilities not used. Just work out a compromise with them.
    the reason you pay the standing charge bit is because yoy are obligated for that till the contract ends.

    Some bills such as water (usually) and internet are flat rate and will remain the same regardless of whether your are there using them. So you should continue paying them. It's not your housemates fault you won't be there abd they shouldn't have to pick up your slack

    As for gas and electric negotiate with your housemate the possibility of reducing the amount you give if cost will go down with you not being there.

    You should have a conversation with them about it asap so you know where you stand. As others have said there will be some things which are flat rate (including things like internet, TV license as well) which you probably should still contribute to, and others where you shouldn't necessarily contribute. The bills should be a little lower over summer when you don't use heating so that should ease the burden on them a little bit. If you have a conversation you should decide beforehand what you might be prepared to agree to pay should they ask you to contribute, finding a compromise might be worth it to have a happy household, but you need to decide where the limit is for you!
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Updated: April 15, 2016
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