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Do you support nuking ISIS?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016

    (Original post by kyragrace)
    Neither, once captured they should still have to stand trial, and then face given punishment, killing them is the easy way out, and carrying out lethal scientific experiments on them would be inhumane. No matter how despicable their own actions, there's no point in lowering 'ourselves' to anywhere near their level.
    Yes there is, the scientific data could save many lives, perhaps compensating for the lives that they have themselves taken

    (Original post by The_Last_Melon)
    Seen 3 vids of them which to me justify using nuclear weapons to rid the world of them:

    1) En masse slaughter of locals with handgun and throwing bodies into river.
    Can;t think of a better way of achieving that by dropping a nuke on them.

    Realistically dropping nukes on them won't work because there will be radioactive pollution which will endanger surrounding countries and even Europe. Since ISIS hates pigs, why not drop pig blood bombs on them? This tactic is cheap, not much serious pollution and very effective.

    Mashallah brother, just to let you know, what you're doing is absolutely haram. I think all of you should reed the Quran and see adultery is condemned absolutely by Allah, subhanna wat'ala peace be upon him. If u want to fulfill your haram desire for sex, Allah will grant you the virgins in paradise via the acceptance of Muhammad Peace be upon the messenger of Allah. Assaamaleikum , bye brother .

    Im not sure if this post is a jokeor not? I pray it is.

    suffice to say no? what lunatic would support this? Say you vaporized Raqqa or Fuluja you would kill thousands of these sub-humans you'd also kill hundreds of thousands of civllians, render the areas uninhabitable for the forseeable future and cause WWIII as a self respecting nation like Russia or China would fire something straight back.
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Updated: May 29, 2016
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