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Promiscuous friend keeps being too needy, offering me sex etc

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    (Original post by Twinpeaks)
    Referring to a rape victim as broken? Are you actually for real? You may as well call her spoiled goods....

    I can't even.
    She is broken,
    (of a person) having given up all hope; despairing.

    I know what you're getting at but you've got the wrong guy

    (Original post by FireFreezer77)
    You've done the right thing by not sleeping with her. That wouldn't have done your friendship any good.
    If you do get into a relationship with her, how can you trust her not to go and sleep with someone else? She's slept with over 50 guys already! That's a lot and she's probably not gonna stop unless something major happens.
    I would take her to a therapist (because you clearly care about her) and see if something can be done to make her feel better.
    She needs to realize that not all men are rapists and that they can be good friends without having sex. She's just being used by men at the moment for a quick ****.
    If you care about her enough you'll want to stop that happening before she gets really bad and nearly unfixable.

    this is your answer OP.

    She needs professional help. Fair enough if she wants to sleep around, that's her choice, but it seems to me like she's developed some issue as a result of her experiences and is using sex as a way of dealing with that.

    Like someone else said, she wants you because she can't have you. If you do anything with her, you're just another notch in the bedpost. If she gets help and changes her behavior, then perhaps there's a relationship to pursue later on. I would not enter a relationship now and be her "knight in shining armor".

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I've finished university back in September so I've moved on to work. She still contacts me, keeps being very needy saying stuff like I'm the only man she wants to be with
    She clearly has some severe mental issues. Your turning her down probably caused her neediness to go into overdrive.

    She clearly bases her value of herself on feeling desired by men, and your turning her down will cause her to feel even more needy and create a gnawing need to feel desired by you. Trust me, this girl is seven shades of crazy and if you sleep with her, you will be getting yourself a stalker.

    Sounds like the kind of girl who would threaten to kill herself if you tried to break it off.

    she is damaged good lad, pump and dump that arse for all it's worth, then cut her out of your life before she turns psycho
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Updated: April 7, 2016
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