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Muslims: Would you marry a someone who's not a virgin?

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    (Original post by Another)
    Are you telling me you did that purely on intuition, without reading/watching around the subject? 6 orgasms first time no practice is pretty impressive
    why thank you

    the first time I tried to read from a women's online article what to do and made absolutely no sense to me, idk why the heck they were saying it would take 20 minutes and all kinds of god knows what. I simply ignored it, there wasn't any techniques on there anyway.

    Yes purely on intuition. The very first time, 3 times (I was satisfied with this so I didn't need more). Following time, 6 just to see how many I could do before not wanting to do anymore and it was super fun. I pick up/learn very quickly from each time I think.

    How could I even read or watch around the subject? What would I be looking for?

    (Original post by SexiestNameEver)
    orgasm for a girl comes from the clitoris and I'm pretty much sure the foreskin and has nothing to do with it unless it can stretch to the clit during penetration lol well done for trying though

    thank you, for god sake I don't understand these ppl they make so many damn excuses and have high standards like damn might as well lose it since if they keep going like this they'll end up with no one
    Start the Fire btw your foreskin comment, I'm assuming that is because those women don't get as wet as is ideal and the foreskin makes it slippery/reduces friction for them. Lowkey feel sorry for them that they don't get wet enough.

    Sexiestnameever, females can experience orgasm from more than one spot. The clitoris and also G spot which is inside the vagina, I'd like to think from build up of pleasure in any sexually sensitive area could cause it. I wonder if you could reach orgasm just by ****ing the very entrance of the vagina - I mean surely the pleasure would build up to climax after a while?
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Updated: April 8, 2016
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