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Feel like am being a betrayer­čśÁ

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    So last summer, I went to Boston. I met up with one of my closest friends. So she was single but was in a previous relationship where she felt like her boyfriend was too good for her. So they broke up. So when I went back to Boston, she was like.oh I still like him. Have in mind, I talk to her boyfriend as well. And I told him that she actually still likes him. He liked her a lot as well. So I suggested that he probably asks her out again. So eventually he did and they got back together.

    So in December, they broke up again. And she was like she didn't even love him. It was just a crush. I was like­čś▒ ohh okay. She was like he was a boring lad as well. And she has zero interest in him.

    So this guy texts me and tells me that he is coming to London for a week or so. And he wants to meet up with me. This will be during summer. But I feel like it's wrong, because this is my friend's ex. Though she dumped him. And I feel like one thing would lead on to another.

    Should I meet up with him?

    awkward when I live in Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will meet up with him instead for you

    Do you have feelings for him? I went through a similair situation.

    Theres 2 choices you can meet with him but i would let your friend know and see if shes alright with it. Most bestfriends have this girl code that they should never date eachothers ex. She may act fine but may feel deelply annoyed. If you dont, this could end in so much trouble and wouldnt look good.

    Secondly- Be careful, he could use you as a rebound and not meet with him which seems less drama unless you really have feelings for him and want to see him badly.

    Things can have different outcomes, maybe you and him were ' meant to be' or he's just a player. You never know but think carefully,and do whatever you feel is right!

    Hmm maybe he just wants company when in London? I would let your friend know either way and see what she says.
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