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Unoriginal dissertation topic!!!

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    My dissertation is on Whether the prevention of Alzheimer's is an attainable goal, however obviously with Alzheimer's being a major problem, there are loads of lit / statistical reviews on the internet about it.
    So I'm starting to panic that I need to formulate an original idea that will 'bring something new to the field'. But my diss is purely lit based we aren't allowed to collect new data so how original is my diss supposed to be?
    Will I forfit a higher grade by submitting a dissertation topic already done?

    There's a difference between something that's already been studied and using other people's studies and ideas to come up with a new perspective/ideas. Plenty of people do lit reviews which are novel in terms of looking for new patterns for example. You best bet is to discuss this with your supervisor.

    If you aren't allowed to collect your own data, then I don't think it should be a problem, my research project was similar.
    I did a very extensively studied area too, but I used it all to examine it from my PoV (which I think was relatively unique).
    Can't comment whether that's the case with yours, but so long as you're not essentially repeating and echoing existing stuff, I think you'll be okay. Could always consult with your supervisor.
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Updated: April 7, 2016
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