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Tattoo advice

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  • View Poll Results: You have a tattoo of a sandglass with wings. Is quote 1 or 2 better underneath?
    Time won't wait, don't waste it
    Not enough to waste any (or (There's) not enough to waste any/it)
    Not convinced by either

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    *I don't know the rules with repeating threads, but I have already one version of this in the Health & Beauty forum*


    I have a non-native English speaking friend who wants to get a tattoo with an English phrase on it, and he's asked me for advice in translation. Since it's quite important to get it right, I thought I'd ask here to get more than just my opinion.

    He wants a sandglass with wings and then underneath he wants one of the following quotes:

    1. Time won't wait, don't waste it


    2. Not enough to waste any

    So I would say that 1. definitely sounds better, but being a more "standard" quote he's not a fan. He prefers 2. since he wrote it himself, but I say it doesn't sound very good. On the other hand, 2. is nicer in the sense that it's not super immediately obvious what's meant, and you have to take a moment to realise he means the time represented in the glass. Or are both options bad and he should look for a better quote?

    Any opinions on what sounds better would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks very much!

    P.S. To 2, I suggested adding a "There's" to the front or possibly changing "any" to "it".

    P.S.S. - The question of whether or not anyone should get a tattoo is a different question and I'm looking for answers based already on the premise that a tattoo will be done. I'm to give advice on the language and aesthetics of the quote, not on what I think of tattoos in general. In short, I'm not interested in general tattoo opinions but rather in this specific case as a particular tattoo, but thanks for taking the time to read.

    (Original post by hopinmad)

    Re-posting threads isn't really OK here. For more details please take a look at the community guidelines. I'll get this removed -- by all means though, you are allowed to bump your other thread in Fashion & Beauty!

    Ethan :wavey:

    FYI: Other thread is located here: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=4000789
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