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Pure Direct democracy local and permanent. share your ideas

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    Pure Direct democracy local and permanent ... A world where all the local citizens decide everything.. 100% and permanently..
    Not even 5% is delegated to elected oligarchy, international charity,,ngo,bank organizations or other global organization.

    The people who take advantage of representative democracy have several arguments against pure direct democracy.

    We have another issue .. We could have fake pure direct democracy..

    Ex: Participatory democracy is a model that lets citizens believe they are really in pure direct democracy..

    Could you send all your lists of argument against pure direct democracy local and permanent?

    You could send your arguments pro direct democracy local and permanent as well.

    Anyone is free to share in the both directions respectfully.... Open in every side.

    Thank you

    Not going to do your homework for you.

    But, argument against: if it's pure democracy - voting for every decision - then there'd be hundreds of thousands of votes a year. Nobody would get any actual work or life done. And it would cost billions.
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    it's not an homework... I encourage to share your all your ideas.

    Your argument against could be solved....
    All the citizens could have legal vote power on every single decision but they are free to participate in the decisions they want. it's local direct democracy... Objective is to diluted vote among local population contrary to concentrated vote in the few hands. Legal vote ...
    Not like participatory democracy without vote power.... it's more just opinion or suggestion where the politicians are left free to do whatever they want in participatory democracy.

    No more global laws, no more state laws, no more international laws that affect local city territory. so you will have only local city laws to vote and the global laws will stop to be legal in your local democracy. We could lighten legal framework and direct democracy local constitution (city) We could focus on the universal laws to reduce legal system at lowest.
    We could change our conception of work. Artificial intelligent robot could replace all the current human jobs. So it will let plenty free of time to local direct democracy and permanent.

    The three mains need for the humans.

    1- Learning 2- Socializing 3- Emotion
    Direct democracy could give you all the 3 points.
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Updated: April 7, 2016
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