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About to have a breakdown

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    Im such a lazy person. If i struggle with a topic in chemistry or biology i just give up. At this current stage i cant even complete half of a exam paper (biology and chemistry ). From 10 to 12 i did history and maths which was quite good but as soon as i didn't understand a topic in science i gave up. Im currently a e in science is there any hope to get a c and how many hours should i do? Do i have to do notes? Should i memorise the mark schemes?. I got a merit in btec science in years10 and i want to study btec diploma level 3 applied science is a merit in btec enough so i can just concentrate on my core subject's?

    my gcse science is a lifesaver when you don't understand the concepts
    btw, a breakdown is actually a good thing
    I had one last month where I just randomly broke down & got stressed (and so have loads of other people I know) and after the breakdown you tend to be quite motivated and start to work? idk I've just seen it happen to so many people including myself

    Do as much as you can mate and just try your best

    Tbh, Im pretty lazy too, Ive wasted most of the Easter hols tbh so you're better than me. And YOU CAN DEFO GET A C or better! I reckon between you and me, you can get a B. Yeah I said it!

    Motivation is all thats needed

    As for how many hours, I'd say 3 on school nights on weekends if free?

    Thats seems right yeah?

    Mark schemes will get you far, theyre the secret weapon, the holy grail, the...you get me drift

    Make notes on the hardest bits if you pressed for time/effot

    But past papers and mark schemes will save your ass

    examiners are lazy and recycle questions most of the time

    sidenote: make sure youre getting enough oxygen, water, fresh air, social time, breaks, chocolate and TV as well or you will die

    In the meantime, believe you can get that C!!!

    (I reckon you can get a B tbh)



    Frankly, I can't even revise science... the stuff I revise is a+b=c and the past papers have a^2+b^5*c/a+b=c. I'm on the same boat as you, i'm actually scared to start with Biology, haven't even started that yet. I'm aiming for AA(double) but currently on BB
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    I use cgp books i just dont get them so should i get a past paper and just memorize the answers from the mark scheme
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Updated: April 7, 2016
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