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Backpacking around Europe (2 girls)

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    Just as the title says, me and my best friend are going to be travelling around Europe for the entire month of July. I've obviously heard some horror stories and how dangerous it can be, even for men. So I was wondering, are there any precuations we should take? Any places to avoid or places to really go to? Any tips and advice for general travelling around Europe?

    Don't forget your rape whistle.

    Europe is pretty safe compared to a lot of the world but obviously just be aware and trust your instincts, if something/someone/somewhere feels dodgy then avoid it. If you're looking for a few tips then i'd say don't walk around at night unless it's a busy city where lots of people are around, google the dodgy areas and places to avoid in each city before you leave and avoid them, try getting a number for taxis in each country or if not make sure you go to a taxi rank instead of just picking a random one off the street. have fun and stay safe!!

    oh and be super careful of pickpockets, probably the main problem you'll come across in europe so just make sure you keep everything close to you (e.g keep important items in one of those little bags that you can wear under clothes rather than in a rucksack) and keep your money in several different places so that if it does get nicked you'll still have some for emergencies!

    I went interrailing 2014 for 43 days, first 20 days alone and 23 days with my best friend who is also a girl. I also lived one year in Vienna and solo traveled a lot in the eastern Europe that I used to be afraid of.

    First of all, relax, it's not as dangerous as it might seem at first as long as you use some common sense. Articultr summed the basics pretty nicely.
    It's good to avoid certain areas especially during the night like mentioned but if you end up somewhere you shouldn't just don't look lost. That's the ultimate best tip; if you look scared and lost, you're an easy target so try to look like you know what you're doing and where you're going. And don't be afraid to ask for help.
    You also might get better service if you learn few words of the language spoken in the place you're at. (Hello, thank you)

    As General tip I'd say: pack light, most people seem to bring most useless stuff for their travels and end up complaining about how heavy their bags are. I had a basic kånken back pack (18L) + kånken mini (7L) and I used the mini one during the days. I had a small lock on it 'cause I was used to be a bit paranoid about pick pockets.

    My favorite place is Budapest(!), Vienna is cool if you like fancy buildings and history, and if you want to feel super secure. It's a really safe place and easy to commute. Barcelona is a cool city with it's interesting architecture and sights. Italy has loads of amazing places, (excluding Venice and Pisa). Rome and Florence are my favorites. Small trip to Lucca might be nice, too. If you have some specific place you'd like to know about, feel free to message me, I'd be more than happy to help. I lovelovelove traveling!
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Updated: April 10, 2016
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