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How is my degree classification calculated? BSc MMU

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    So, maybe my brain is just being slow (a strong possibility amongst getting assignments finished). But i was curious how my Degree would be calculated (about time!) so i decided to look it up.

    Now MMU says they use two methods depending on which would be most beneficial to you.

    The first being 'Weighted Average Classification" where you take 25% of your Level 5 and 75% of your Level 6, and get your degree grade. E.g. >=40 - third, >=50 - 2:2 etc.

    I'd already figured this is how they do it and i get how that works.

    The second method is "Profiling Classification" - this only utilises marks from Level 6, with classification awarded based on the following requirements:

    Credit profile // Minimum overall average // Classification
    70% or higher in at least 60 credits // 68% // 1st
    60% or higher in at least 60 credits // 58% // 2.1
    50% or higher in at least 60 credits // 48% // 2.2
    40% or higher in at least 120 credits // 40% // 3rd

    attached image incase ^that is unreadable
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    For some reason i can't grasp what this is talking about...

    For instance; the 50% in at least 60 credits gets you a 2:2. Would that mean if i passed (40%) 60 credits and then got 50% in the other 60 credits i'd get a 2:2? And etc. for the other classification..

    That doesn't seem right, which is why i don't think i'm understanding it properly.

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your posting.
    You might want to contact your programme team who will beable to assist you in understanding the methods used to calculate your degreeclassification.
    If you’re not sure how to contact them, let us know whichcourse you’re on and we’ll put you in touch.
    Hope this helps,
    Best wishes,
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Updated: April 8, 2016
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