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The 5:2 diet - does it actually work?

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    (Original post by thefatone)
    well ya know i think sometimes it's better to not have them there due to the temptation. because people will be like yea i just ate 1 then i can back for more now i'm obese and can't move...

    Peanut butter isa good 'alternative'. 1 tbsp of it in a shake, with porridge or just on its own is a great way of getting in some healthy monounsaturated fats.

    (Original post by Angry cucumber)
    Yeah, it obviously worked for you with that avatar :lol: Whatever works for you, is a good way to go with dieting tbh. It's all the same principle though, of calories in vs calories out
    Hahaha thanks :lol:, I'd like to think so. I'd like to think I've progressed further from then anyway, considering that was last year towards the start of my cut. I'm about 10lbs heavier now than I was then and about as lean; hopefully will look a lot better come summer when I get down to around 8%.

    Yep, dieting is simpler than people make out. If you eat in a deficit then you will lose weight. Period. Fad diets are a good way of boosting weight loss but most aren't sustainable long term.

    (Original post by .JC.)
    Peanut butter isa good 'alternative'. 1 tbsp of it in a shake, with porridge or just on its own is a great way of getting in some healthy monounsaturated fats.
    oh i didn't know that

    (Original post by XxKingSniprxX)
    You didn't say how tall you were?

    ^ I think that is the best advice possible as its much more sustainable in the long run and easy to conform to without the hassle of swapping x amount of calories on each day.

    Adherence and sustainability = key to weight loss.
    Depends who you're asking. It takes discipline to stick to a calorie target each day, something that the average overweight person lacks. Just eating as you normally would for most of the week and then a couple of days a week where you say right, we're fasting today, is a much more adherable protocol than calorie counting and sticking to a target for a lot of people.

    Notice I say the average person and a lot of people rather than everyone. There is no one size fits all, as I said in my first post we're all different and you have to go with which approach you can stick to. In person I've advised a lot of people on their diets and they tend to recoil at the mere mention of calorie counting and tracking :lol: yet when I detail the likes of 5:2 to them they seem to like the simplicity of the idea and the fact that they can still eat as nornal for most of the week. Me personally, I prefer to just count calories, works for me because I'm a numbers guy and I'm disciplined, and like Cucumber I'm a big eater, so something like 16:8 isn't ideal for me because I could fit a lot of ****ing food into 8 hours and I can neither start my day without breakfast or go to bed on an empty stomach :lol: There are also guys like yourself that admittedly struggle to get calories in so eating under maintenance everyday wouldn't be a huge deal. We have to consider though that the average overweight person is overweight simply because they're total strangers to the idea of counting calories and tracking food and doing this would be a huge thing for them. They can maybe even start on something like 5:2 to introduce a bit of discipline and accustom their body and mind to the feeling of being hungry via those fasting days, then move onto different methods as time goes on.

    That was a ramble and a half, that :lol:

    Honestly I pretty much do the 5/2 diet by accident. Just can't be arsed to prepare stuff at weekends. So yeah it works for being small and weak if that's what you want to be on purpose idk

    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    I agree completely that everyone is different. People need to experiment and
    find out what suits them best as everyone is different.

    I eat 500 calories for breakfast; the idea of eating that few the entire day... Dear me.

    OP, you don't need to go for such a drastic diet to lose weight and drop your body fat - and you want to think about a sustainable lifestyle change, not 'going on a diet'. At your current weight, you most likely already need a high number of calories to maintain your weight - so a simple change to your nutrition, such as cutting out biscuits with your tea, or cutting portion sizes by a quarter, should be enough to have a noticeable difference at this stage.

    Furthermore, you need to be doing some exercise (and on a 500-calorie day there is no way you'll have the energy to exercise with any degree of intensity). A ~500 drop in your caloric intake + taking up exercise should yield results.

    Try using MyFitnessPal and for a week religiously track what you eat - then you'll have an idea of exactly how many calories you're consuming, as well as your carbs/fat/protein, and then you can judge where you need to set your calorie goal.
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    Thanks for the advice! I will try the 5:2 diet this week and see how I cope and if it's something that I struggle with/don't like then I'll try the 16:8 the following week. Will hopefully get to the gym this week too since I'm on earlier shifts at work! Just need to dig down deep and find that motivation and discipline!
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