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The awkward moment you realise you have no real friends

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    hey guys
    i dont know if its the exams coming up or its just me but ive began feeling depressed lately because i feel i have no-one. i cant 'trust' anyone enough to tell them my problems or how i am feeling. my future is uncertain. i belong to a culture i despise. yet im expected to act perfect in front of my parents eyes. i love my family but still feel that i have 'no one' no real friends.
    anyone have advise?

    Speak to your parents, I'm sure they just want you to be happy and don't expect you to be perfect, it's much better for you to speak to them instead of bottling it up, which isn't healthy.

    As for friends, you have your whole life to make them and you shouldn't worry yourself, you'll meets many people in the future and I'm sure you'll make good friends by going out and enjoying yourself wherever you can, getting involved in hobbies and activities you enjoy.

    Also, the future is always uncertain, don't stress too much just try your best to make sections that will benefit you later and if they don't try again, that's what life's all about. As for your culture, if there are things you don't agree with that you don't want to go along with, don't do so, live your own life, it's competely yours and no one else's.

    If you really feel you don't have anyone to speak to you, it might be an idea to speak to your school/college/uni counsellor, they're there for issues like this and I'm sure you'll feel better speaking to someone anyway, sometimes an impartial party is even more helpful, good luck!
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