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Mum has just moved in with partner who I don't speak to and never have.

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    So, recently my mother has moved in with her partner meaning that instead of my student finance being based on just her, it is now being based on him as well. I dint class him as my step dad nor have i ever classed him as my step dad. Since moving away from home, my mother has never helped me out finacially because she cant afford it. Meaning i have been relying soley on jobs i have had whilst at university on and off. I have also been relying on my grandfather to help me out as and when he can.

    I dont feel comfortable with him supporting my application as i don't speak to him and never really have done.

    My mother no longer lives at the address that i had lived at throughout my childhood and when i go back home to visit, i am not welcone to stop at my mum's and her partners house therefore i stop at my grandmothers house.

    I know that i can't apply as an independant student as i don't have 3 years worth of consecutive wage slips to prove that i have been fending for myself for the past year. I am also only 23 and for some reason, am not classed as being independant as i am not over 25.

    This whole situation is seriously hindering my chances and jepordising me actually staying at university and carrying on with my studies.

    I just wondered if anyone at all could suggest anything that i can do, I've rang up student finance and they dont seem to understand people that don't actually have a normal, happy family.

    (Original post by kierangowan)
    I just wondered if anyone at all could suggest anything that i can do, I've rang up student finance and they dont seem to understand people that don't actually have a normal, happy family.
    You've hit the nail on the head there unfortunately - SFE aren't set up to accommodate family situations like yours.

    There's nothing much you can do in order to claim independent status (the 2 things that will get you instant independent status include getting married or having a baby - neither of those sound like they're options).

    You don't need 3 years consecutive wages to claim independent status as I understand it - just 3 years in total. SO if you have 3 years with a some gaps it might be worth pursuing that route.

    Could you get your dad to complete the financial assessment instead of your mum and her partner?

    If none of this works then your only option is to ask your mum and her partner to submit their details for assessment - or to only apply for the basic loan.

    If you're struggling financially then it's worth speaking to your university student services to find out if they know of any hardship funds or bursaries you might be eligible for - also having a check online to see if there are any charitable grants you can find.

    Just to warn you if you're going into your final year then your support will be about £200 lower than other years too - other years loans are bumped up with about £200 to cover the summer and SFE say you're eligible for JSA/work over the summer after your final year so adjust your loans down.
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Updated: April 8, 2016
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